4 Ton Heat Pump Systems

Save on your home heating and cooling with an AirQuest or Goodman 4 ton heat pump system. For larger sized homes, a 4 ton heat pump split system can provide efficient heat and air conditioning year-round. Select your system and enjoy wholesale prices and free shipping that will save you thousands vs. a quote from your local service provider.

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For something as large as a 4-ton heat pump, cost is understandably a concern. We can alleviate that concern. When you order from us, you get wholesale pricing, free shipping (on most models) and fast order processing.

These systems featured a 4 ton AC unit with heat pump technology that can heat and cool. They include a condenser (also known as a compressor) on the outside and an air handler on the inside, connected to your existing ductwork.

The compressors and condensers are part of a wave of new concepts in air conditioning, with innovations like two-stage compressors that deliver consistent, reliable refrigerant flow, multi speed and variable speed blower motors that match the rate of airflow to the temperature and energy conservation never before seen in this type of air conditioning.

The heat pumps are marvels of modern technology and when they reach their limit, when the winter winds are howling, you can rely on optional electric coil heaters to keep you warm on winter’s worst days. These electric coil heaters ranger from 3 kilowatts all the way up to 20 kilowatts.

The air handlers can be configured for upflow, downflow or horizontal flow orientation to ease installation in tight spaces, or where the ductwork is already configured a certain way. Some of these units are multi-positional, meaning they can be oriented in any fashion.

For more options check out our full range of Goodman heat pump systems.

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