4 Ton 18 SEER AirQuest Heat Pump Air Conditioner System
Model: HVH848GKA / FCM4X6000AL / WALLCON

Regular Price: $9,862.95

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4 Ton 18 SEER AirQuest Heat Pump Air Conditioner System

By: AirQuest Model: HVH848GKA / FCM4X6000AL / WALLCON ID: 16875

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Regular Price: $9,862.95

Special Price $409.95

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Regular Price: $9,862.95

Special Price $409.95




An AirQuest combination system is a great choice to keep your home comfortable all year long. With tons of extra features and a great price, the HVH848GKA is a perfect choice for a heat pump.

All AirQuest models are manufactured with Carrier and come with a 10 year parts warranty and 20 year heat exchanger limited warranty. Not intended for use in mobile homes.

This system has been approved to be installed in manufactured and mobile home applications. However please check the dimensions of the air handler and ensure that it will fit in the location desired.

Ion System Control

Don’t call it a thermostat -- mere thermostats simply don’t offer all of the features and functionality of the Ion™ System Control. Offering full command over a communicating comfort system, including temperature, humidity, ventilation, comfort scheduling, energy management and more, this is our most fully-featured control. Anywhere in the connected world, you are just a touch or a tap away from full system control with an internet-enabled device.
  • High resolution, smartphone-like touchscreen
  • Wi-Fi enabled for remote access and control
  • Pair with our communicating, modulating gas furnace; variable-speed fan coil; inverter-driven outdoor units; and zoning system for a complete Ion Comfort System
  • Capable of controlling temperatures and fan speeds in up to eight zones
  • Local weather 5-day forecast
  • Humidity control for enhanced comfort
  • Dual fuel system management capable
  • Auto changeover between heating and cooling
  • Four levels of "constant ON" fan speeds
  • 7-day programming with temperature control throughout the day and week (wake, away, home, sleep)
  • Advanced smart setback for optimal energy savings during "away" and ramp up periods
  • One-button Touch-N-Go quick-settings-change feature
  • Simple vacation programming controls temperature and humidity
  • System maintenance reminders
  • 10-Year No Hassle Replacement Limited Warranty

4 Ton 19 SEER Variable Speed AirQuest Heat Pump


With its communicating nature and variable speed compressor, the AirQuest HVH848GKA lives up to its Carrier manufacturer name, providing one of the most superior comforts to your home on the market today. If you want the best of the best possible heat pump condenser with exceptional comfort and the highest possible efficiency offered by AirQuest at this size, this is it.


  • 4 ton, 19 SEER heat pump condenser
  • Can heat and cool up to a large house in average conditions
  • Variable speed compressor with communicating capabilities with other matching system components
  • Filter drier included to be field-installed and suction line accumulator factory-installed
  • Built-in temperature sensor for automated heat source transition
  • Multiple safety switches to protect both the unit and your home
  • Energy Star certified
4 Tons

The AirQuest HVH848GKA heat pump condenser has an output of 4 tons, generally enough to heat and cool up to a large house in ideal climates. In many system configurations, the tonnage of the unit???s paired coil or air handler will be larger in tonnage than this condenser, which maintains the efficiency of the unit.
Please note that this condenser cannot function on its own, and it needs an indoor coil or air handler to work. This unit will also only heat down to around 35??F, and if you need heat any lower than this, a backup heat strip will be needed to act as straight electric heating in a compatible air handler.


The AirQuest HVH848GKA air conditioner condenser is rated at 19 SEER, making it approximately 25% more efficient than the minimum efficiency 14 SEER units, saving you money in electric bills over the entire lifetime of your unit. With its 19 SEER rating, this condenser is one of the most efficient units on the market today. In general, heat pumps will heat more efficiently than straight electric furnaces, making them an excellent and money-saving solution for almost any all-electric solution, especially when you have a lot of heating during outdoor temperatures ranging from when you start using your heating system all the way down to 35??F.


AirQuest offers a 10 year parts warranty on its condensers, and on this unit there is also a 10 year no hassle replacement limited warranty. For these warranties to be upheld, the unit must be installed following your state and local codes, a new and certified coil must be installed at the same time, and the entire system must be registered online through the manufacturer.

Intelligently Enhanced Comfort

Engineered to be 2 stage and with the ability to communicate with communicating air handler counterparts, the AirQuest HVH848GKA can support the most precise temperature output available, providing primarily enhanced comfort to your home year-round. Moreover, this unit is a communicating system when paired with a compatible air handler and other accessories (both available at an additional cost), allowing it to relay information to and from the thermostat constantly for optimal performance. On top of these benefits, these system features provide a small efficiency boost, all amounting to one of the best types of systems on the market today.

5 Ton Multi-Positional AirQuest Communicating Air Handler


Considered part of their top of the line series, the AirQuest by Carrier FCM4X6000AL is superior In quality of comfort, efficiency, and features. From its variable speed communicating blower motor to its integrated TXV kit, this unit will provide reliable comfort to your home while performing efficiently.


  • 5 ton air handler
  • Variable speed communicating blower motor
  • Enhanced dehumidification and temperature control
  • Multi-positional—can be installed in the upflow, downflow, and horizontal configurations
  • Factory-installed TXV kit for enhanced energy optimization
  • Compatible with both AC-only and heat pump condensers
  • Sturdy, fully insulated cabinet
  • Convenient integrated washable filter
5 Tons

The AirQuest by Carrier FCM4X6000AL air handler is rated for an output of 5 tons. In many cases, this air handler will be larger in tonnage than the condenser it is paired with to maintain the unit’s overall efficiency.
Please note that for this unit to provide cooling, an outdoor condenser is required for it to function. The unit can support electric heating as a straight electric furnace or as a backup for a heat pump, offered at an additional cost to be field installed.


AirQuest offers a 10 year no hassle replacement warranty, as well as a 10 year parts warranty on this unit. For these warranties to be upheld, the unit must be installed following your state and local codes, a new and certified coil must be installed at the same time, and the entire system must be registered online through the manufacturer. After your purchase, a representative will reach out to you to retrieve installation information so we can register the product for you.

Installation and Durability

To make a more versatile unit, AirQuest by Carrier designed the FCM4X6000AL to easily be installed in an upflow, downflow, or horizontal position. A TXV kit is already installed on the unit so your installer does not have to install one, decreasing installation costs. For durability, the FCM4X6000AL air handler is designed with an extremely strong, one-piece outer casing to protect the unit, and the coil is designed with corrosion-resistant aluminum. To reduce mold and bacteria buildup, the drain pan is treated and is sloped.

Intelligent Comfort

The FCM4X6000AL air handler has an ECM variable speed blower motor, not only increasing its efficiency but also providing a more stable temperature in your home, making you more comfortable. The control board will automatically communicate with your thermostat to adjust the output of the blower to suit your needs. With this intelligent comfort and efficiency, the FCM4X6000AL meets AirQuest’s superior standards to be a part of the Carrier family of units.


Ion System Control

resources You will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view PDF documents.
safety_informationPROPOSITION 65 WARNING

4 Ton 19 SEER Variable Speed AirQuest Heat Pump

carrier_equalCarrier Equivelant: 25VNA848A003 Tempstar Equivalent: TVH848GKA Bryant Equivelant: 288BNV048000
compressor_stageVariable Speed
electrical208 / 230 V. 1 Phase 60 Hz
max_breaker_size50 amps
min_breaker_size31.4 amps
nominal_capacity4 Ton
warranty10 Years No Hassle Replacement Warranty with Online Registration
resources You will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view PDF documents.
safety_informationPROPOSITION 65 WARNING

5 Ton Multi-Positional AirQuest Communicating Air Handler

carrier_equalCarrier Equivelant: FE4ANB006L00 Tempstar Equivalent: FCM4X6000AL Bryant Equivelant: FE4ANB006L00
blower_motorVariable Speed - ECM
electrical208/240  V, 1 Phase,  60 Hz
max_breaker_size15 amps
nominal_capacity5 Ton
height59 3/16"
width24 11/16"
depth22 1/16"
warranty10 Years No Hassle Replacement Warranty with Online Registration
resources You will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view PDF documents.
safety_informationPROPOSITION 65 WARNING



3 Customer review(s)
Fantastic customer support.
I'm using most of the features this controller offers and it was tricky to get my old ventilator working with this new HVAC system. When we exhausted the knowledge in-house at HVACdirect.com, they referred me to a local expert who stuck with me until all capabilities were functioning perfectly. One thing to know about this controller... If running a whole house ventilation system... there is a 1-1/2 minute delay before the furnace fan begins to do its part. That delay kept me wondering what was wrong for a few weeks but now it all works perfectly. Highly recommend HVACdirect.com and the ION system controller.
Review by Gary / (Posted on 08/08/19)
replacing old hvac
prompt service, delivered in two days. very helpful staff.
Review by Terry (tlbud) Linton / (Posted on 24/06/20)
Nice efficient unit.
I've been running this unit for a month now. It performs beautifully and is very quiet & vibration free while running. It consumes about the same energy as my 18 year old Lennox did, even though the Lennox was 1/2 ton smaller. Along with the ION System Control thermostat, this combination is good at keeping the house comfortable. Although AirQuest is an unknown brand name to me, I believe it to be a Carrier brand name product, renamed. I installed this and a furnace with 4 hours of help at the end from an HVAC professional. There were experts, (Chris Whitmore) at HVACdirect.com available to help me through the uncertainties and this was very valuable. I've only tested the heat-pump side of this unit so far but look forward to using the heat pump this upcoming Minnesota winter. Doing the labor myself & buying from HVACdirect.com saved me ~40% on the system cost.
Review by Gary / (Posted on 15/07/19)

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