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Browse our selection of water heaters for sale and save hundreds of dollars vs. retail prices due to our Low Wholesale Prices and Free Shipping. Whether you need to replace a propane hot water heater or are looking for a tankless on demand water heater, or a boiler that also heats your home, we have the solution. When you buy water heaters online at, you know you’re getting the best brands at the lowest prices


Every homeowner wants to know they can take a hot shower or properly clean dishes and clothes — and you’ll need a good water heater to do these things. You’ll discover a variety of residential water heaters at with wholesale pricing. We carry traditional tank water heaters which utilize a heating mechanism on the bottom or inside to keep a supply of hot water on-hand. Their simple design relies on proven scientific principles to deliver water to your taps.

In addition, we carry energy-efficient Tanless Water Heaters, which are also known as on-demand water heaters, use super-heated coils to warm up water quickly as needs. Choose from electric, natural gas or propane tankless water heaters.

If you want to save space and money, consider a Combination Water Heaters. These integrated heating systems provide domestic hot water and space heating from a single unit. We also have Water Boilers to deliver a reliable source of hot water and home heating. Our Indirect Water Heaters are a highly efficient option that connects to the main furnace or boiler, though they will require a separate storage tank.

Find a water heater with the BTU power you need to meet the hot water demands of your home. If you need assistance with your selection, we offer live phone and instant-chat support six days a week.

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