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  • Daikin Brand Spotlight

    Air conditioning options continue to expand, and so does the challenge to take products to new levels of comfort and customer satisfaction. Leading the trend of new options is the not-so-new but always-intriguing concept of mini split systems.

    As traditional systems begin reaching the end of their serviceable life, consumers look to innovative companies like Mitsubishi, MRCOOL, Carrier and Daikin for replacement solutions that go beyond the predictable. As a distributor for Daikin mini split systems and commercial air conditioning, we're impressed with the quality they represent and the value that is available to customers.

    Daikin ductless mini split systems set the standard for their competitors to follow, with inverter type compressors, high SEER ratings and 21st century innovations, like WiFi connectivity and programmable timers. All this while offering their products at remarkably low prices, leaving little doubt why Daikin is the world's No. 1 air conditioning company.

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  • Heat Pumps vs. Air Conditioners Comparison Guide

    Heat pumps have changed the way we think about climate control in our homes and businesses. It used to be simple: air conditioners cool, furnaces heat, and that was it. But then along came the heat pump concept, and the terminology changed … slowly. Even now, there remains some confusion between the terms heat pump vs AC.

    What is a heat pump?

    You might have heard the term "air conditioner with a heat pump." While that's not too far off the mark, it isn't exactly correct. A heat pump is an air conditioner - an air conditioner that cools in the summer and heats in the winter. All heat pumps are air conditioners but not all air conditioners are heat pumps.

    Heat pumps are air conditioners configured with the ability to reverse the air conditioning process and provide heat instead of cooling. Appearance-wise there is practically no discernible difference between a standard air conditioner and a heat pump. You might be able to spot the reversing valve - a horizontal brass pipe near the coil fins that allows a heat pump to function - but that's essentially the only visible difference.

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  • Ductless vs. Central Air Comparison Guide

    Modern air conditioning systems feel better, function better and fit better than their predecessors. The choices available to homeowners is greater than ever.

    Two of the most popular options central air conditioning with ductwork and ductless air conditioning, sometimes referred to as a mini split system. Both systems answer a lot of specific air conditioning needs and both have advantages for the homeowner

    So between ductless vs central air, which system is better for your home or business?

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  • Basic Information for New Home Air Conditioner Owners

    If replacing your home or business air conditioning system ranks high on your to-do list, you should know the basics of the AC process beforehand. If you don't know what to look or ask for, you could spend thousands of dollars unnecessarily on equipment, installation and energy.

    You needn't rate as an expert in the subject, but a familiarity with the basics of an HVAC system can go a long way in matching your home to the type of air conditioning that suits it best. To help, we've provided an Air Conditioning for Beginner's guide.

    Here's what you need to know:

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  • AirQuest Brand Comparison & Reviews

    Willis Carrier is the father of air conditioning. In 1902, he unveiled two inventions regarded as the world's first mechanical air conditioners, and later co-founded the Carrier Engineering Corporation. You probably know the company simply as Carrier.

    AirQuest is an offspring of the great Carrier family tradition, providing superb quality at prices that put dependable, energy-efficient HVAC products in any homeowner's budget range. We carry only the brands that represent genuine value for buyers, and AirQuest absolutely meets our standards.

    Why We Sell AirQuest

    AirQuest is not content to relax in the shadow of their parent company. The AirQuest brand stands proudly on its own with a simple approach: provide air conditioning in basic, dependable and affordable ways. An AirQuest air conditioner does not pretend to be anything other than what it is - a remarkably efficient and tough unit that takes the worry out of climate control.

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  • HVAC Myths and Realities: Buying HVAC Online

    We get lots of questions about the legalities of buying furnaces and air conditioners online. Most of these questions start with: “The local HVAC guy said it’s illegal to …”

    The rumors range from “It’s illegal to buy central AC systems and heating systems online” to “If you buy the equipment online it voids your warranty” to “Online HVAC systems aren’t as good as what we carry locally” or “It’s inexpensive because it’s poor quality.”

    Read on or watch the video as we debunk these statements and give you the real deal on how to save on your HVAC equipment.

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  • HVAC Zones and Zoning

    If you’ve done any research on home heating or cooling, you’re sure to have come across info on HVAC zones and zoned HVAC systems. In this article – and the accompanying video – we’re going to define the concept and give you some basic info on what it might mean for heating and cooling your home.

    Simply: An HVAC zone is an area in your home in which you wish to have specific heating or cooling control. So, an HVAC zoning system is one that allows you to create custom areas within your home’s HVAC system. Continue reading

  • Buy Your AC & Furnace Online and Save Thousands

    The secret is out and this video tells all on how to save thousands of dollars on your home heat and cooling equipment. The average quote from a local service installer for a new air conditioner and furnace system is $7,000 - $10,000. Shocked yet? This video will show you how to save $3,000 - $6,000 on replacing your furnace and AC system. Take two minutes to watch this and it could be worth up $6,000 in savings. Continue reading

  • Get Indoor Fireplace advice from NFI certified technicians

    When your home improvement plans include installing a new fireplace, or even repairing an existing insert, be sure to speak with experts that you can trust. A simple way to know who to trust is to look for technicians, sales people, and service providers that have been certified by the National Fireplace Institute (NFI). Many fireplace dealers, like, have NFI certified technicians on staff ready to speak with you so that you know the advice you're getting is trustworthy and accurate. The same goes for your installer - having that certification will let you know they're an expert. In this article, we'll look at what that certification really means for your home project. Continue reading

  • Furnace Flue Pipe | Furnace efficiency requirements

    Furnace flue pipes may not be something you’ve thought about before, but they’re an important part of your gas furnace system. It’s good to have an understanding of what they are and why they’re important … and how they match to your furnace efficiency. A furnace flue pipe (also known as a vent pipe or simply as a flue), vents the exhaust from your furnace to the outside of your home. Furnace exhaust is dangerous and so having the right furnace exhaust pipe is important.

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