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Save Space & Money with Wholesale pricing and Free Shipping on Packaged AC & Furnace Units - When indoor space is limited, a packaged or rooftop air conditioning or heating unit can be the perfect solution. These all-in-one systems contain sit outside, either on the ground or on the roof, allowing you to save valuable indoor space. No need for anything to be inside. Since all of the major HVAC components are outside the home, package systems are also easy for your technician to access when it comes to maintenance. Heated and cooled air will travel from the system outside and into your home through way of duct work.

We keep a wide residential inventory of Goodman packaged and rooftop furnace units, packaged heat pump units, packaged dual fuel units, and packaged air conditioners in stock. For large spaces, check out our full line of commercial rooftop units here.



This is one time when thinking inside the box is preferable. Essentially, these units put the air conditioner and heater in the same box as the air handler. Typically, the air handler goes on the inside of the house while the condenser stays outside. But for various reasons - usually space limitations - it just makes better sense to keep it all together in a box cabinet. In addition to traditional houses, these units are perfect for mobile and manufactured homes.

This combination heating and air conditioning unit can be mounted on the roof, especially in the case of businesses with flat roofs. It can also be mounted on a slab at ground level. This is more often the best placement for private homes.

The components that go into a package unit are essentially the same as regular AC systems, and the type of components you get depends on your individual needs. For much of the country, a condenser/air handler/heat pump system is the ideal choice. But for those living in more northern climes, a condenser/air handler/gas furnace system might work better. Those living in the south can get by with a two-phase system that includes just the condenser and the air handler.

Some of our packages are dual fuel, meaning the furnace is gas-fueled, while everything else is electric, making for an extremely efficient heating and cooling system, letting you save on your monthly energy bills.

HVAC Direct offers the best value in package units by way of our wholesale pricing and free shipping on big units.

Carrying top brands like Goodman; it's easy to see why has become one of the largest wholesalers of furnaces in the United States. Our HVAC system sizing guide will help you make the smartest and most efficient purchase for your home. Want to buy furnace accessories? We've got those too!

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