AirQuest Brand Comparison & Reviews

Willis Carrier is the father of air conditioning. In 1902, he unveiled two inventions regarded as the world's first mechanical air conditioners, and later co-founded the Carrier Engineering Corporation. You probably know the company simply as Carrier.

AirQuest is an offspring of the great Carrier family tradition, providing superb quality at prices that put dependable, energy-efficient HVAC products in any homeowner's budget range. We carry only the brands that represent genuine value for buyers, and AirQuest absolutely meets our standards.

Why We Sell AirQuest

AirQuest is not content to relax in the shadow of their parent company. The AirQuest brand stands proudly on its own with a simple approach: provide air conditioning in basic, dependable and affordable ways. An AirQuest air conditioner does not pretend to be anything other than what it is - a remarkably efficient and tough unit that takes the worry out of climate control.

Some of the best warranties in the business accompany AirQuest AC and furnaces. They set the industry standard with their No Hassle Replacement™ warranty on their premium products. Covered components include compressor, heat exchanger or coil, and there is additional coverage for parts.

AirQuest comes from a large family of HVAC products manufacturers, all under the umbrella of Carrier. These "sister" companies produce, in many cases, the exact same product, just with a different name badge. Those brands include International Comfort Products' AirQuest, Arcoaire, Comfortmaker, Heil and Tempstar; and Carrier's original line of Bryant, Carrier, Day & Night, Payne and Weathermaker.

The good news here is that we are able to offer AirQuest at much lower prices than the nationally advertised brands like Carrier and Bryant that are carried by local HVAC service companies. The AirQuest line does not have fancy outer casings, packaging nor national branding campaigns. All of those cost savings are passed along to consumers.

Air Quest Products: Upholding a Solid Reputation

All AirQuest heating and cooling products are 100% run tested. That means more than a mere "eyeball" inspection. That means physically testing the products - powered on - to make sure they run and function as expected.

AirQuest furnaces have long been a consumer favorite, and AirQuest's line of HVAC products continues to rate high among buyers. A no-frills approach does not mean a low-tech approach; far from it. AirQuest air conditioners, furnaces, coils, ductless mini split systems and packaged systems represent state-of-the-art technology and design.

For example, the AirQuest Ion™ variable speed system uses their patented SmartSense™ technology to deliver precise levels of heating and air that will save you on energy bills for years to come without sacrificing any degree of comfort. In addition, WiFi capability allows you to adjust thermostat settings and activate timers from a smart phone or tablet from any location.

Mobile home owners are not left out in the cold (or heat) either. AirQuest mobile AC systems meet tough demands and comply with stringent state codes for energy efficiency in prefabricated homes.

Product Support

We have the best product support staff in the business, regardless of brand. Our customer service representatives are eager to answer questions, give advice and assist with ordering. When you order AirQuest products you can rest assured that you are getting advanced technology and performance in a basic, affordable package that offers value for years to come.

AirQuest Brand Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Who makes AirQuest HVAC? AirQuest is a subsidiary of International Comfort Products, itself a subsidiary of the Carrier Corporation which is owned by United Technologies Corporation (UTC). Other brands under UTC and Carrier ownership manufacture the same products as AirQuest with the only difference being cosmetic differences and a name badge.
  2. How much does an AirQuest AC unit cost? AirQuest AC unit cost depends on size, with a 1.5 ton 13 SEER AC starting at $796. Fourteen SEER units start at $946.
  3. Is AirQuest better than Carrier? AirQuest and Carrier are both UTC brands and made by the same company with the same basic technology. AirQuest has a more basic appearance and fewer high-end features, but the overall quality and performance is on par with Carrier.