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Free shipping, our Lowest Price Guarantee and a convenient Rebate Center make each residential furnace an outstanding buy. Select from a variety of furnace blower motor speeds and choose from single-stage burners, two-stage or modulating units. Modulating burners will provide the most comfort and energy efficiency, while single-stage and double-stage burners offer affordable alternatives. If you're looking for furnace equipment like Heat Pump Condensers, we carry those as well.

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*Looking for a Propane Furnace? Don't forget to add-on the "Propane Conversion Kit" to your order.


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We carry a sizable selection of heating furnaces from leading brands you can trust, like Goodman Furnaces and AirQuest By Carrier Furnaces. You can find just the right replacement furnace or heating system to suit your home and budget. When you buy a furnace online, you can enjoy significant savings — especially when you choose from our inventory of High-Efficiency Furnaces. Online shopping lets you choose from the convenience of your home or business. None of our employees work on commission, so you’ll encounter no high-pressure sales tactics here. Long into the future, a new gas furnace will compound your savings, bill after bill.

When it’s cold outside, you expect dependable and efficient heat. If your old heating system has seen better days and it’s time to buy a new gas furnace, there’s no law saying you have to purchase a new one from your installer. When you get a residential furnace online at HVACDirect.com, you can save thousands of dollars. Then you simply have a certified professional install it for you.

Each of our high-efficiency natural gas furnaces is available with a liquid propane conversion kit. Shop our selection of brand-name furnaces and use the shop-by filters at left to choose your furnace efficiency, BTUs and other custom features. To learn more about the options you need to consider when you purchase a furnace online, including blower motor speed and burner stages, watch the videos linked to each filter.

When to Replace Your Furnace?
You might want to Replace Your Furnace for several reasons. Most often, a furnace no longer functions properly. It may be blowing cold air, leaking an excessive amount of water or not heating your home sufficiently because of a house upgrade, renovation or expansion. Worse yet, the furnace may not work at all.

New gas furnace prices will seem like a bargain when you consider the heating costs caused by outdated systems. Older furnaces have inefficient blower motors and even less efficient AFUE, which stands for their annual fuel utilization efficiency rating. If your bills are larger than your heat output, it may be time to upgrade your furnace. Regardless of when and how you want to replace your furnace, consider the cost of the new equipment and the efficiency of the furnace and what that will save you in the long term.

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