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Complement your fireplace with stylish & durable fireplace tools and accessories from Whether you need gas logs, glass doors & screens, log racks, fireplace tools, fire glass, or fireplace blowers, you can find them here at discounted prices.

We carry the top brands and have a partnership with each manufacturer that allows us to price accessories at a reduced rate. Our team of fireplace experts are here to assist you over the phone or via chat.


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A fireplace is generally considered a traditional element in the home, but new trends in décor have opened up a whole new genre. We can accommodate new trends with modern fireplace accessories – things like trendy fireplace media, contemporary designs on fireplace screens and doors, remote fireplace controls, and fireplace blowers.

Gas Logs

There is hardly any item you can add to your home that represents as great a value as a set of gas logs. We have a huge assortment of gas logs by some of the biggest and best brands in the business, including, but not limited to, Buck Stove, Empire, Firegear, Modern Flames, and Napoleon.

The two essential types of gas logs are direct vent and ventless. Direct vent log sets vent through the roof via its own vent that is not shared with any other device in the house. A ventless gas log set does not connect to a vent at all. Exhaust gases are vented directly into the interior air. Monitoring devices maintain proper oxygen levels to assure safe operation.

Fireplace Doors and Screens

Fireplace doors and screens should never be considered an afterthought. Order innovative, stylish and durable doors and screens for your fireplace. Choose from a host of different colors and finishes for both the metal and glass parts.

Log Racks and Fireplace Tools

Whether you burn a lot of logs in your fireplace or simply have a few around for show, a sturdy log rack helps create the ambience of winter. We carry the top name brands, with a host of sizes and styles. Choose from various finishes and frame designs.

Fireplace tools are functional and stylish at the same time. You could order cheap fireplace tools with parts that scratch easily and come apart after the lightest touch, or you can spend just a fraction more for tools that you can actually use and will look great for years and years. Our suppliers use high grade steel and time-honored techniques to produce fireplace tools you’ll be proud to put on your hearth.

Fire Glass and Media

We have an amazing selection of fire glass and media for contemporary fireplaces. We stock pretty much every color of the rainbow in a variety of shapes and patterns for a glow that dazzles.

Fireplace Blowers

Grandpa’s fireplace was never like this! Push the heat into the room where it belongs with a high-tech blower. Most of our models come on when the fireplace reaches a certain temperature and go off when the fireplace cools down again. We have them for Monessen gas fireplaces as well as for wood burning fireplaces.

Don't underestimate the importance of buying the correct remote control or switch for your gas or electric fireplace. Things you need to know: Do you have a millivolt valve? Need to control a variable flame height? What about a remote control for your fireplace with a full blown thermostat? We carry all that and then some! We also sell chimney liners.

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