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Improve your indoor air quality and comfort with the help of residential ventilation fans from HVACDirct.com. We have a tremendous selection of residential fans, electric vent fans and vent exhaust fans that provide comfort and replace stale air at the lowest possible level of energy consumption.

As always, HVACDirect.com works hard with our suppliers to provide the lowest prices possible on equipment that is built to high standards for efficiency and durability. If you have questions, simple reach out to our well-trained customer service team.


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  • Canarm 12 Inch Three Speed Exhaust Shutter Fan 1,100 CFM 115V

    Canarm 12 Inch Three Speed Exhaust Shutter Fan 1,100 CFM 115V

    Model: XFS12
    Low Price: $195.20

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A home ventilation fan should not be looked at as a replacement for an air conditioner, but rather as a partner in a common goal of making a home as comfortable as possible in all regards.

A modern air conditioner cannot be beaten for cooling a house or room. The air cycles through the sealed system and most of it never leaves the house, except for air that is exhausted to the outside, that leaks through gaps in the framework or escapes when someone opens a door or window.

Strictly considering temperature regulation, that’s the ideal situation. But temperature is just one element that affects our comfort and health. During periods of high humidity, or when dust, allergens and odor just seem to hang heavy in the air, even the best AC system could use a little help.

Therefore, vent fans are most valuable when they’re employed to bring fresh air into the mix. In most environments, it doesn’t take a lot to make a difference. At HVACDirect.com, our products can be used for single rooms - like bathrooms - or the whole house.

We also stock specialty systems, like the energy recovery ventilator (ERV), which draws air in from the atmosphere and “pre-cools” it by drawing it over a core heat exchanger. HVACDirect.com also stocks whole-house ventilation systems, residential inline fans that work within the home’s ductwork, and radon fans, that help eliminate radon gas from the residence.

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