Manufactured Home Heat Pump Systems

Manufactured home heat pump systems offer extremely efficient heating and cooling. And we carry a wide selection of manufactured and mobile home units from AirQuest by Carrier and Style Crest Revolv.

Don’t let heat pump for mobile home pricing be a corn, we have ultra-low mobile home heat pump prices, plus free shipping! So, you can save on your utility bills year-round and on your purchase of a mobile home heat pump from

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Heat pump systems are a perfect fit for mobile and manufactured homes due to their extreme energy efficiency. They use a compressor, two copper coils (one indoor and one outdoor) and a liquid refrigerant to pull heat from the surrounding air. This system is ideal for cooling in the summer and for heating in above-freezing temperatures. In warmer climates, you'll save on your energy bills while having year-round comfort in your home.

However, the efficiency of heat pumps drops significantly when the temperature falls below freezing. Therefore, many people in colder regions pair a modular home heat pump with a Gas Furnace. This combo heating system lets you take advantage of the heat pump while having the furnace as a back-up on days the temperature plummets.

Our extensive selection of mobile home heat pumps means you can find exactly the right one to fit your home and your budget. We proudly carry heat pump systems from top residential HVAC brands such as AirQuest and Style Crest Revolv. These offer a range of SEER, tonnage, compressor and configuration options, making it easy to suit your needs.

If you have questions, we are a toll-free phone call away. Our customer service and sales staff members are backed by certified HVAC technicians that will help you find exactly what you need by phone, email or instant-chat.

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