What is Fire Glass?

Fire Glass is granular tempered glass that is tumbled and either left in rough irregular shapes or tumbled smooth into beads or droplets. It is generally placed on in and around a fire pit burner or in an existing wood burning fireplace to replace a gas log set and grate. Instead of the fire traveling upward through lava rock or up through gas logs, it trickles up through the glass and reflects off the glass. If you are not sure what type of gas fireplace you have it is a good idea to ask to make sure you can use Fire Glass.  It can be used in pre-made gas fire pits (if approved by the manufacturer) and in fire pit burners made by companies like Hearth Products Controls. Hearth Products Controls (HPC) manufactures burner kits that include a pan, a burner, and a way to control the gas. The body of the fire pit is constructed on site to match the existing landscaping.


Photo courtesy of Extreme Fire® Glass


Photo Courtesy Of Hearth Products Controls

 How much fireglass do I need?

Most companies that sell Fire Glass will have a calculator and examples to help you determine how much you need based on your application. Most fire pit and fireplace burner manufacturers recommend 1-2” of glass above the burner. A 30” round burner pan that is 2 ½” deep will need roughly 100lbs of fire glass. A fireplace that is 36” wide at the front, 30” wide at the back, 18” deep, and that needs glass 3” deep will also need around 100lbs of fire glass.


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What are the different kinds of fire glass?

From left to right in the images below, we have a standard Crystal Blue Fire Glass. The center image is Reflective Blue Fire Glass. The image to the right is Blue Raspberry Jelly Bean Fire Glass.

  • The standard Crystal Blue Fire Glass is typically going to be the most affordable which is good where large quantities are needed.
  • Reflective glass has a mirrored side allowing the light of the fire to reflect and flicker more than the other types of glass.
  • Blue Raspberry Jelly Bean Glass is tumbled smooth and looks like droplets of water. Its irregular shape creates a unique reflection off every granule of glass. Blue-Fireglass

Images Courtesy Of Extreme Fire® Glass

There are several mixes of glass available. It is also possible to make your own blend or to divide up different colors into sections of your fire feature. Below from left to right are River Mix and Earth Tone mix.


Images Courtesy Of Extreme Fire® Glass

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