Dual Fuel Heat Pump & Furnace Systems

Get huge savings on your monthly energy costs with a Dual Fuel Heat Pump & Furnace System.

The best of both worlds, a Dual Fuel heat pump system will provide you with the most energy-efficient home heating and cooling system by pairing an electric heat pump with a traditional gas furnace. Heat pumps are extremely efficient for cooling in the summer and for winter heating until temperatures drop below 35 degrees. At that point, most heat pumps will turn on costly electric heat strips, but a dual fuel heating and cooling system utilizes an efficient natural gas furnace, saving you from high electrical bills in the winter.

And it's simple: There's nothing you need to do, a heat pump with gas furnace backup will switch automatically to the most efficient option possible. Some localities also offer tax incentives or rebates on a dual-fuel furnace.

*Looking for a Propane Furnace for your System? Don't forget to add-on the "Propane Conversion Kit" to your order.

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A heat pump gas furnace maximizes comfort and efficiency in areas that have hot summers and cold winters. Dual-fuel systems provide consistent heating during the coldest months and saves you from high electrical bills in the winter. Even when the heat pump is handling duties, the furnace fans also contribute by blowing air over the coils and then distributing it through the house.

We carry an extensive selection of these energy-efficient products. Dual-fuel heaters come in a variety of configurations, sizes, heating BTU’s, burner stages and blower motor speeds. Whether you are searching for a 100,000 BTU Goodman furnace system or any other size of Goodman dual-fuel heat pump, or are interested in a system from another top brand, you’ll find it here at the lowest possible price.

In addition to selling dual-fuel heating units at the lowest possible prices, HVACDirect.com also offers industry-best customer service. If you don’t see what you’re looking for or have questions, call or instant-chat with our expert staff for quick, authoritative answers. We make it easy to find the right heating system for your application.

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