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Make your home more comfortable in all seasons by trusting Gree Comfort HVAC systems. We carry Gree heating and cooling products at the lowest wholesale prices. Look for single zone and multi-zone Gree mini split heat pump systems with Free Shipping. These products are also eligible for free and fast shipping.

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Since 1991, Gree Comfort has been making the world a more comfortable place. The company began by manufacturing efficient HVAC equipment for many of the world’s leading brands for decades that push the limits of heating and cooling technology.

Now Gree is selling quality air conditioning systems under its own brand name. You can benefit from this company’s extensive experience and our significant savings when you buy Gree air conditioning mini split systems online at

Installing a Gree mini split heat pump and mini split air conditioner system will pay dividends for years to come. That’s because mini splits, which consist of separate indoor air handlers and an outdoor condenser, are more energy-efficient than traditional HVAC systems. They are also easier and faster to install because they require no ductwork. Mini splits offer a smart solution for spaces where ductwork would be difficult, impossible or prohibitively expensive to install.

We carry a wide range of Gree systems to fit your household. Gree Single-Zone A/C Mini Split Systems control temperatures in just one space. We also stock Gree multi-zone split systems to control temperatures in up to nine spaces. With these systems, you can set different temperatures in individual rooms, ensuring the perfect level of comfort in each. In addition to entire Gree mini split systems, you can purchase Gree outdoor compressor/condenser units here as well as Gree Indoor Air Handlers. Both our sales staff and certified HVAC technicians are available six days a week by phone or instant-chat to help you choose the right system.

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